The best free font resources



What font's what

Seen a font on a website you love? Find out what it is with one of these handy tools. 

WhatFont – A Google Chrome extension and my favourite. It also tells you info like font size, spacing and whether bold or italics is being used

Type Sample – Another Google Chrome extension 

What the Font – If you've seen a font in an image instead of on a page, this is your tool! Just upload the image and What the Font will tell you the results.

The Font Matcherator – Identifies fonts from an uploaded screenshot

Identifont – A huge database of fonts you can search by loads of different parameters


Free downloadable fonts

Maybe you already know the font you want, maybe you found it using one of the above. Either way, you can probably find it through one of these. 

Google Fonts

Graphic design junction






Font Squirrel


Free Fonts Download


Front pairing

Become a visual matchmaker using one of these to play with and work out complementary fonts for your brand.

Font Pair – Pairs Google fonts together

Typewolf – See what’s trending and play with different combinations

Typespiration – Browse heaps of web font combinations

Font Flame – Choose whether you love a font or hate it! They refer to themselves as “Tinder for font pairing”

Canva – I love Canva, and this tool is excellent for working out what goes with what