How to find which Squarespace template a website uses


Squarespace is easy to use, looks great and is my website platform of choice for clients wanting to go live quickly and efficiently.

If you see a website you love and are wondering if it's built on Squarespace or Wordpress - and if so what theme it's using, here's how you can find out in less than 30 seconds.

  1. View the source code by right-clicking on the page > View Page Source
  2. Squarespace website will have this near the top of the code:
  3. <!-- This is Squarespace. -->
  4. Press Ctrl+F (or Command+F on Apple) to open a search on the page
  5. Search 'template ID' - it'll only be listed once. Eg. "templateId":"55f0aac0e4b0f0a5b7e0b22e"
  6. On this page, press Ctrl+F (or Command+F on Apple) and paste the ID again to find which template it's referring to in the table below
  7. Download the free website planning workbook below to start figuring out which template's right for you and your business

Template Name Template ID Enhanced Commerce Parent Theme
Adirondack 5093f261e4b0979eac7cb299 Y
Adversary 515c7bd0e4b054dae3fcf003 Marquee
Alex 515c7bd0e4b054dae3fcf003 Marquee
Anya 52a74dafe4b073a80cd253c5 Bedford
Artesia 55dccafee4b04b8e0d7b6d4d York
Aubrey 507c1fdf84ae362b5e7be44e Aviator
Avenue 4fd11f32c4aad9b01c9e624c
Aviator 507c1fdf84ae362b5e7be44e
Bedford 52a74dafe4b073a80cd253c5
Brine 55f0aac0e4b0f0a5b7e0b22e Y
Bryant 52a74dafe4b073a80cd253c5 Bedford
Bryler 52e96934e4b0ea14d0f64568
Carson 56d9c12107eaa07660adbcad Tremont
Charlotte 52e96934e4b0ea14d0f64568 Pacific
Clay 55f0aac0e4b0f0a5b7e0b22e Y Brine
Eamon 515c7bd0e4b054dae3fcf003 Marquee
Encore 507c1fdf84ae362b5e7be44e Aviator
Farro 5630efcfe4b076f55fe4837f
Feed 55f0aac0e4b0f0a5b7e0b22e Brine
Five 503ba86de4b04953d0f49846
FlatIron 4fba57fde4b0f79d428daa8b
Forte 51e6b9e4e4b062dafa7099b9
Foster 55f0aac0e4b0f0a5b7e0b22e Brine
Foundry 54d3906fe4b04c1c9981b00e Skye
Fulton 52e96934e4b0ea14d0f64568 Y Pacific
Galapagos 5230da18e4b0a637f7e627c5 Y
Greenwich 55f0aac0e4b0f0a5b7e0b22e Brine
Harris 55dccafee4b04b8e0d7b6d4d York
Hatch 55f0aac0e4b0f0a5b7e0b22e Brine
Haute 5630efcfe4b076f55fe4837f Farro
Hayden 52a74dafe4b073a80cd253c5 Bedford
Heights 55f0aac0e4b0f0a5b7e0b22e Brine
Horizon 52e96934e4b0ea14d0f64568 Pacific
Hunter 55f0aac0e4b0f0a5b7e0b22e Brine
Hyde 55f0aac0e4b0f0a5b7e0b22e Y Brine
Ishimoto 4fb7a14224ac99c5fee12515
Jasper 55dccafee4b04b8e0d7b6d4d York
Jaunt 55f0aac0e4b0f0a5b7e0b22e Brine
Juke 55f0aac0e4b0f0a5b7e0b22e Brine
Julia 50521cf884aeb45fa5cfdb80 Montauk
Julia 50521cf884aeb45fa5cfdb80
Keene 55f0aac0e4b0f0a5b7e0b22e Brine
Kent 50521cf884aeb45fa5cfdb80 Montauk
Lange 55dccafee4b04b8e0d7b6d4d York
Marquee 515c7bd0e4b054dae3fcf003
Marta 55f0aac0e4b0f0a5b7e0b22e Y Brine
Mercer 55f0aac0e4b0f0a5b7e0b22e Brine
Mojave 55f0aac0e4b0f0a5b7e0b22e Brine
Momentum 50130f5be4b00a22f5c5a82a
Montauk 50521cf884aeb45fa5cfdb80
Motto 55f0aac0e4b0f0a5b7e0b22e Brine
Naomi 52e96934e4b0ea14d0f64568 Pacific
Native 4f6a1392e4b07090d46e7ec9
Nueva 55f0aac0e4b0f0a5b7e0b22e Brine
Om 50521cf884aeb45fa5cfdb80 Montauk
Pacific 52e96934e4b0ea14d0f64568
Peak 500589fc84aed5ec11c2b672
Rally 55f0aac0e4b0f0a5b7e0b22e Brine
Rover 55f0aac0e4b0f0a5b7e0b22e Brine
Shibori 55dccafee4b04b8e0d7b6d4d York
Shift 515c7bd0e4b054dae3fcf003 Marquee
Skye 54d3906fe4b04c1c9981b00e
Sonora 55f0aac0e4b0f0a5b7e0b22e Brine
Supply 5253022fe4b0d0363260861e Y
Thorne 55f0aac0e4b0f0a5b7e0b22e Y Brine
Tremont 56d9c12107eaa07660adbcad
Tudor 54d3906fe4b04c1c9981b00e Skye
Wells 4f9adc1524ac5df956fdf98f
Wexley 4fbff70b84aeca67fb3a3c56
York 55dccafee4b04b8e0d7b6d4d


Now that you've found the template you love, check which features it has before diving in. Paige Studio put together a simple template comparison chart here, or Squarespace also has it's own here.